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Placed in the Indian Ocean, just a few hundred miles south of India and Srilanka, Maldives is a country consisting of 1192 islands, of which only 200 islands are inhabited and more than 100 are allocated as maldives vacations destinations. Maldives, considered the smallest county in Asia, is the lowest laying country on Earth. Located on the Equator, it never fails to see the Sun throughout the year, which makes maldives holidays the ultimate choice of many. Most of the Maldives islands are about 1.5 meters above sea level, with reefs abundant with various species of marine life. Hence, vacations in Maldives offers diving and water sports everywhere. It is not just the pristine beaches that can be enjoyed during a memorable Maldives Vacation. This beautiful country comes with an interesting history and a unique culture of its own which makes Maldives holidays even better.